Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Best of Jewish Connectivity’s Twitter Feed

I’ve been using Twitter for nearly two years, thanks to one of my favorite Ed Tech leaders, Caren Levine [everyone needs someone who will pull them, kicking and screaming, to the next level of technology and social media].  Twitter enables me to take notes from great presentations, read other’s notes, pass along idea, and share great web and blog links.

If you’re not on Twitter regularly or don’t follow my feeds [@JewishConnectiv], here are some highlights of recent week. Each tidbit it a mere 140 characters, so take a look. You might find gold:

Aug 14, 5:15pm

RT @lizwood1982: The accidental Educator  [Yup, this is my rabbinic / Jewish ed career, too]

Aug 12, 3:05pm

RT @SabbathManifest: Spend time with someone in a restaurant instead of spending time on Foursquare telling people you are the restaurant

Aug 12, 11:15am

"If your dream ain't bigger than you, there's a problem with your dream" - Deion Sanders

Aug 12, 11:03am

RT @sbellelauren: got a question? post it on twitter! it's just like google but it comes with everyone's opinion [so true]

Aug 12, 10:05am

RT @rachelmabrahams: "@Hadassah_Levy: A Jewish Educator’s Guide to Facebook Interaction  

Aug 12, 9:55am

RT @reuw: First Accredited Online Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic Courses Offered by Hebrew University ...

Aug 11, 3:00pm

RT @RabbiLevy: Thought for today: Tailwinds build ego, headwinds build character (from Road ID)

Aug 10, 4:50pm

an interesting take on smart boards in other technologies in congregational education. [not agreeing, but interesting]

Aug 10, 4:00pm

Technology in Cong. Education, a different perspective, by @tktchr. [I don't agree with all, but recommend reading]

Aug 10, 3:55pm

RT @reuw: Using Facebook to Teach Tanach

Aug 10, 3:55pm

RT @Fourbreaths: The Shekhinah does not dwell with us except in joy (Netivot Shalom on Parashat Devarim)

Aug 10, 10:05am

We've been teaching blessings (Berachot) all wrong! The Notorious RAV blog at

Aug 09, 1:25pm

RT @CaptainBarakRaz: On TishaBAv, Jews mark historic tragedies. Im proud 2b serving in military that ensures future of Israel & Jewish ppl

Aug 08, 9:35am

RT @educationweek: How should classrooms be redesigned for the 21st century? Share your thoughts in our latest forum:
Aug 05, 9:25pm

RT @RevRunWisdom: Do your best & forget the rest [I like this. Does it align with Jewish belief?]

Aug 04, 9:00am

Do you blog as part of your Jewish work? Here's a great article to help you reflect on your blogging

Aug 03, 5:10pm

The first modules for Jewish Connectivity for your students, families, leadership & staff are ready for you. Contact us!

Aug 03, 4:30pm

Teaching/discussion idea: Bob Marley's Jewish grandkids connect us to questions of Jewish identity today

Aug 03, 11:52am

@drdouggreen now that you can learn anything, anytime, anyplace, system, including grades, no longer applies

Aug 03, 11:25am

RT @PlusDannGarcia: AMEN! “@tutorbrad: "Passionate learning starts with passionate teaching." @ksivick

Aug 03, 9:30am

RT @RevRunWisdom: If ur not thankful for what u got u probably won't be thankful for what u get. [Word!]

Aug 02, 4:18pm

RT @Inga_Ros: We need to be facilitators and not teachers!

Aug 02, 4:17pm

RT @jburgon: Any teacher than can be replaced by a robot, should: @adambellow
Aug 02, 12:06pm

RT @21stcenturychem: When you share your passion, you spark new passions among your students

Aug 02, 10:52am

Lisa Nielson: We need passion driven learning, not just data driven learning

Aug 02, 9:16am

Chris Lehman: school is life, not preparation for life #140edu

Aug 02, 9:00am

Manifesto on Experiential Education, with quote from @Bryfy

Aug 01, 10:21am

@jewish Connectivity can be part of your synagogue, school, adult, family,campus programming in 2011-2. DM me to learn how!

As summer winds down, let’s bless one another with the knowledge and wisdom that each of us carries. Looking forward to a new education/program year, a new Hebrew year, and a year from sharing learning with and from all.